Monday, June 20, 2011


Escape Route - studio am recording my record from
Lenny Kravitz in his home studio. Wow! Love you, Lenny!

Shakira's homes in Miami/Bahams has a built in studio. The dream!!!

No Doubt writing next record in a nice cosy set up
I call it my Gypsy Street Studio. In an actual fact - it's called Escape Route Studios. But I think somehow the 2 titles are interlinked with each other. I am in the process of recording my record.

My new band The Gypsters are coming in for a few days to put their finishing touches also. Great to have you on this journey with me. Watch this space!

I always said the ultimate dream would be to have a home in the Carribben somewhere with a nice home studio to work from ... you know what? The dream is getting closer. Watch me!

My LDN TWN Pad where the Muse lives clearly. Sorry bout the mess

Potato Farlains with guacomole and salad and a nice cold beer inbetween writing

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