Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So basically whilst one of us was in Miami, the other was and still is in the beautiful and much more fun Malia-mi...bitch! What more could a girl ask for then sea, sun, boys, drinks, great outfits ... and not necessarily in that order.

Angelina Roz is currently in London Town, recording her new material with a new band. Goosebumps!
Sophie Nedlous is lighting up Malia, Crete on Fire! Literally!

Here's to a great summer, Gypsters! More fun & adventures to come!

Gypsy Safari Style in Malia, Crete

Risi 'Magician' best barman, Factory, Malia

New Quadster for this Gypster! Where is last years' Pinky n Perky?

Shoes you can change every 10 mins into

Gin? This years drink? No! Vodka please!

Krolik!!! Manos Kariotakis & Sophie Nedlous livin it up!

Beautiful picturesque of early seasons of Malia. Wait till late July...just sayin. You're in for a surprise, bloggers.

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