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Our Gypsy Souls blog was first created by Angelina Roz, singer-songwriter from London (www.angelinaroz.com) as her own day to day travel diary to keep her friends updated. Swiftly it grew as a travel&art survival guide on all things gypsy. Correction: gypster NOT hipster!

Touching topics such as traditional Gypsy cultural influences on modern day arts, advice on how to travel on a zero budget in style to 'gypsy radar' posts listing next ones to watch emerging bohemian artists or worldwide relevant entertainment events. Googled by Ruth LaFerla of The New York Times, Roz's blog was a point of reference in her Gypsy Fashion articles driving blog hits even further. 

Much controversy has been made due to the constant word 'gypsy' as a backdrop of the blog, suggestions being made Roz is exploiting her own Russian gypsy ancestry, to which her reply is always the same: 

'The world has already exploited the term gypsy. Whether it means Gypsy culture to some or a form of self-expression and being a wandering soul to the next is irrelevant. This is what this blog is: a representation of the present day we live in. A modern day gypsy, gypster, 'leave your fuckin life, pack your suitcase-n-fly' moment of being yourself. If it offends some people, it's ok. This gypsy life is yours and no one elses. This blog is as much my diary as it is ours. Our Gypsy Souls' diaries.' 

Instagram: @iamjipse


Kim Tank of New York, script writer and a consultant is a strongest collaborator of OGS since day 1.
Read her posts mostly on zero budget travel and day to day fashion gypsy moments.
Instagram: @crazylifesimplestyle

Sophie Nedlous of Dubai, a stewardess and a DJ is a co-founder of OGS and a guest blogger.
Read her posts mostly on personal adventures of her travel job and tips on best parties in town.
Instagram: @sophie_nedlous

Irisha Roz of London, a writer and a musician is Angelina Roz's sister,a new addition to OGS.
Read her posts on Gypsy history and culture and how those translate into modern day arts and lifestyle.
Instagram: @irisharoz

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