Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So what is a Gypsy Girl really? Many have different understandings and connotations. Is it just a green eyed beautiful temptress that seduces their way to your heart and then your wallet? Definitely not.
Is it an independent woman doing well for herself not staying put in one place and seeing what the world has to offer? I think so. That is a modern day Gypsy Girl. And that is definitely what this blog has been supporting. But everyone has a Gypsy Soul in them - longing for a gypsy life.

Here are some examples of how Gypsy Girl image has been and has transformed.

Torino portrayal of a Gypsy Girl

Sophia Loren's playful impression in Fellini's Boccaccio'70

Gina Lollobrigida as a seductive gypsy girl - just look at that waist!
Corsets made not to die for but to die in

Gypsy Barbie??

Kat Von D as a Gypsy by Nikki Sixx

Miley Cyrus' poor approach to gypsy with a slightly boho hinted look
Then why call your tour 'Gypsy Heart'??

Modern day boho meets gypsy by Gwen Stefani

Angelina Roz in native Moscow, Russia


  1. Angelina u look so great in that last one! I was at that gig! When is the next one? I really miss your live shows. : )


  2. ... FINE... FINE...
    ..... FINE LIKE A SICK CAT !

  3. Wtf? fine like a sick cat? Please elaborate

  4. You need to educate yourselves. There are real Gypsies in the world. They are the most persecuted minority in Europe to this day. They are forced to attend substandard segregated schools, forced to live in ghettos and targeted by constant physical and verbal attacks. Acting like "gypsy" is some fashion statement like "hippie" is sickening in this context. Would it be acceptable to go around claiming to be an African Girl or something of the sort, claiming that is a lifestyle rather than an ethnic group, spreading stereotypes about that ethnic group or race? Think a minute about what you are doing and the harm you do. Please use the word Gypsy to mean the ethnic group and pleas capitalize it, as you would with any other nationality or ethnicity. - Mother of two Romani (Gypsy) children (aka "Mama Bear with a vengeance")

    1. Thank you for your comment, Meadowlark.
      We appreciate your views and opinions. What makes you think I am not of a Gypsy background firstly? And furthermore, this blog is about Gypsy influence on todays culture, fashion and music overall, rather than us trying to glorify it or capitalize on it or demean it.
      I have Russian Gypsy blood in me. Proud. Great to hear you are proud too. Stay you. Stay different.

    2. Roma culture is a rich International tapestry of fashion, art, customs,crafts, music, culture, and cuisine. Gypsy culture represents a fusion between Roma and any other race or ethnicity. Gypsies are of at least some part Roma ancestry, who embrace, honor, and respect the best of what their diverse ancestry has to offer. Capitalization shows respect, lower case signifies gypsies who are not genetically Roma or Gypsies, and those gypsies who engage in criminal activity, or unlicensed contractors of any ethnicity - who offer cheap but shabby, and or fraudulent home/ car repairs. It's best not to refer to people as Gypsies, as it is considered pejorative terminaology. Incidentally the Gypsy garb shown here is over a century old. Please check how European peasants dressed over a century ago. Please read Ian Hancock, he is the top authority on the subject of Roma history and culture. He represents the Romani people at the United Nations and serves as a member of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council.

  5. Thanks for the interesting insights.
    Look forward to more opinions & comments on this discussion.

    Stay you. Stay different.

    Our Gypsy Souls Girls