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(above) Karo for Trimurti Yoga School
Samadhi ... To experience bliss, enlightment, highest form of state of mind Yogis aim for when practicing or meditating. To be one with the divine. It is believed to not be possible to reach this constant joy unless you have been going at it for donkeys years...

Well, I believe this traveling soul just came back from absolute paradise. Not because this place has sun, beach and sea. This place doesn't. It's way up in the mountains and actually mostly cut off from the rest of civilization, an alternate universe. Tourists do flock here left, right and center but the type of people I was privileged to meet were positive, light and compassionate passing no judgement on you or others with peace exuding from their shining eyes.

I was blown away as I arrived on the dusty roads of Bhagsu, small nearby town and then followed further up the mountains in a bumpy ride to the foothills of Himalayas - Dharamkot village.
The locals - simple. The food - divine. The atmosphere - yoga.
Monk reveling in the famous Bagsunag Waterfall

Yoga, yoga, yoga ... My gypsy soul brought me here all the way from Florida, then Moscow, then Dubai ... What contrast of cities. I came here, specifically to Trimurti Yoga School to do my 200hr TTC course for a month. It is possibly best 'soul holiday' I took in a long time. I gained much more from this than just teacher training.

Derived from Sanscrit word 'yuj' - yoga's meaning is unification of personal consciousness with universal awareness. I was able to do just that - unite with similar minded beautiful individuals from all walks of life. I was taught philosophy, anatomy and practical yoga styles. I believe I was meant to come here, I recommend you do too. Don't just come for a trip, come and stay with Trimurti, attend the classes, make new friends, try the dangerously addictive Bagsu chocolate cake, live and breathe India.
Dharamkot, Himalayas

(above)Angelina Roz meeting and greeting 'the locals'
(above) Angelina Roz morning Yoga 
Angelina Roz taking part in a student taught Hatha Yoga class

I came back to my reality now. Currently in Moscow. Equally as beautiful but different. This travel experience now holds a special place in my heart, a period of soul searching and transition, a simpler life not concentrating on material things rather than filled with constant emotional highs and lows.

This place gives you time to think. And makes you realise, at the same time thinking is what the problem is in the first place in itself. Hear yourself. Know yourself. Be at one with your own self. Find yourself. I certainly did. Thanks to my gypsy life it brought me to Trimurti.

Our Gypsy Souls blog salutes you.
Thanks to Karo, Ajay, Aliya, Cheralee, Alexa, Maya, Baskar G and Juan.

(above) Trimurti May 2015 Astanga sharing class.
'We are all ONE BIG WARRIOR 2', lovely put by Elodie Arnouk, fellow Yoga student and now teacher. Classic quote and memory I will keep for life!

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  1. Andrew HollingtonJune 6, 2015 at 10:09 PM

    yoga isn't just for the sappy single moms, it's for the cool and hip, as your portray here on your blog. much love.