Friday, June 5, 2015


We have, perhaps finally reached the time when the epitome of  a gypsy-esque, bohemian, hippie mens fashion is soaring high. 

Pop outside your door to Camden's Lock in London or New York's Williamsburg and all you will see are your original plaid, benies and beards, but something more has been added. From looking utterly sexily 'a hot mess', the 'rolled out of bed' look is developing.

First came the 'man bun'. Well, actually first came Johnny Depp.
Johnny Depp
I always thought as all the other ladies swooned Johnny was borrowing from old traditional gypsy-traveler style and some hippie tendencies of John Lennon from the 70's.

Or were all of the above merely just following the most looked upon and ridiculed man in history there was? Jesus? We mistake this as 'our saviour', 'our prince' and instead end up without his phone number the next day.

Russell Brand has catapulted the 'gypsy' look successfully and perhaps is somewhat responsible for many English young lads buying one way tickets to India and Thailand. These men no longer travel and come back 'sexually experienced and spiritual', these are now young flock of guys serving you coffee at Starbucks and standing next to you at a music festival where you wear your 'Kate moss's best replica' outfits.

Who can complain though? The gypsy peasant traveler look is definitely working on the ladies. From high street to high fashion. It goes from damn right dusty road barefoot to Italian glamourous.

The upside? Not bothering with wearing any underwear, it makes it easy to never have to wash it for them. Not that we even do nowadays.

The downside? The slightly pungent smelly dreadlocks and general absence of personal hygiene. I would be the first to say: go get a shave, wash your face! In truth, there is some sort of mystery to this man, 'on his own path, in his own head'. Proud to the fact you, as a woman are able to hold down the man so many ladies love. Extremes of clean shaven and well groomed man and a laid back smouldering bearded stranger. It's all in his confidence borderline cockiness - able to carry off any style with such ease.

Our Gypsy Souls salutes the 'gypsy gentlemen'.

Traditional gypsy traveling gentlemen
Creative, bohemian, carefree man template

Jason Momoa perfected smouldering look

A mix of dreads and tailoring
Pirate like boyish charm

Latin inspired gypsy rose lover-crooner-traveler
Urban meets Gypsy with gems 
Bold and bright embroidery
Yannick Leconte

High fashion glamour

I came across an online documentary series 'Gypsy Gentleman' follows tattooists in US, combining travel, tattoos, music and, of course - gypsy gentleman style at its finest. I think it's a nice insight on hustle and bustle of the city and also a good look into hardworking gypsy city life inspired gentlemen. Enjoy!

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  1. Gypsy Gentleman documentary is a valid representation of New York and tattoists hustle of today. I also enjoyed your way of words in the post talking about man buns and Jesus lookalikes. I do however think it is slightly off the mark in reference to Brand being responsible for youts traveling off to third world countries. Bit of a strong responsibility to bombard him with. Is his drug taking then responsible for hippies smoking weed and proclaiming to be on with the divine?