Monday, March 18, 2013


New York! Astoria! Wow!

Full of hot greek men, lovely food, in the heart of New York is the new jem and 'it place' to hang out at. No 'cast aways' (as we call the greasy hair-unwashed clothes hipsters you get in Williamsburg) and  much more hygienic bathrooms in bars it becomes apparent - Astoria is in its own lane.
Our nights are always fun in Astoria, always scandalous, always memorable. If you come to New York, don't waste your time in Midtown, take the train Uptown and head straight to Astoria! 

Start off your night with some mouthwatering Greek food at Ovelia, great service and turns into a bar at night. Then go for cocktails at Flo, you will love the decor and classiness of this place and if you want to turn things up, go to Caprice and party till late. Great bartender Nikos will take good care of you! 

Then go smoke some Shisha along Steinway and have some persian tea and you will feel like you went to an alternate universe without leaving New York.

Our Gypsy Souls girls Angelina Jipse Roz and Kim Tank partying it up in Astoria on St Patricks day

Flo Cafe

Ovelia Restaurant

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  1. oh yes astoria... the land of greek..nom nom