Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Ok. Summer is here. It's hot more or less everywhere, probably unless you're either in the North Pole, Australia or ahem, London right now. And even then so, London has seen some radical weather mood swings as of late.

What do you wear so you can swing everywhere from that day heat in New York and post siesta drinks in Madrid and catch some rain in London whilst trying to get to the uber cool but chic, underground yet        very fashionable party venue in Paris? Outfit can be as plain and simple as you want it to. Something like a LBD or GSS (gypsy skirt with a slit) with a cute little rock top should do? A statement jacket isn't even important cos it's a 100 degrees outside. But shoes will be your conversation piece and an outfit complete if you wear Jeffrey Campbells. Hence, a whole post is required just for this designer.

You know, high street are already emulating all his stuff. But not quite like they are. How surprisingly comfy and long lasting they are. Worth the investment of around 200$. They will pay off in compliments and versatility. Just look and then go to http://www.jeffreycampbell.com and be sure to forget trying them on, they will fit, just get before they sell out of that style you like. They go fast!

Rain or shine JC shoes work. They make you look super long and slender and platform doesn't really get rain in.

Cuteness meets edginess. A nice cute skirt and hair combined with high heels and workmen boots of JC. It's a go!

Absolute winner. Not to mention ombre hair, summer hat and adorable leather bag. JC are what make this outfit work with their chunky simple styled ones. You will wear them summer, autumn, winter... just wait and see.

Parisian style gypsy print pants, edgy leather jacket and simple ankle cut JC's. Yes.

You remember simple style spiky heel classics everyone got in winter. These are here and are surprisingly easy to walk in. Trust. Tried and tested.

Skater like shoes and great for summer lunches and dates. Artistic and feminine,

Summer cool yet rock n roll. What can be better?

Don't like it in black? Get white. Now.

The simplest yet a must for all your outfits. What wouldn't go with these?

Probably the most paired down option but very resistant unlike other high street options and much higher. Comfy too. Perfect for travelling in style to Italy or shopping on a Sunday afternoon in California.


  1. who is the girl with the summer hat on in all white??

    1. Unsure who the girl is in white with the hat on but needless to say she looks fabulous. perhaps you can enlighten us?