Tuesday, July 24, 2012


So you would like a gypsy girl tattoo. How to decide what you like though? Traditionally, the classic gypsy girl tattoo would have been simple and colourful with a nice scarf and rosy cheeks.
Nice use of shadows and colours in these gypsy tattoos

As tattoos progressed and became more edgy, rock influence has brought its 'day of the dead' look onto gypsy girl tattoos. Not a huge fan of this look but if that's what you're after or unsure perhaps you could combine the two.
Classic skull meets gypsy tatoo
Combining the 'day of the dead' feel and nice simple gypsy. Having too much detail on the gypsy would be 'overkill' haha (ahem pun intended)

I am a huge fan of nice black & white large pieces and I actually really liked the nude sexy gypsy look of the following... 

But what really interested me is this : where did this fascination come from in getting gypsy, in particular, gypsy girl tattoos? 

Sure, gypsy women have been seen and stereotyped as 'seductress' type. And this is somewhat positive although the nakedness, despite how sexy or not, somehow suggests a very promiscuous intent. 

Perhaps the appeal of something beautiful to look at on your body is like a decoration to one. Which is very positive too, although the death like face suggests a far more of an uglier and darker twist.

Once I got to thinking about it, I also understood a lot of people associated gypsy culture and women with pain. Hence, the 'crying gypsy' imagery as is seen in some art and, certainly body art today. Which represents suffering gypsies had to endure historically and also implies female strength. And that is always great.

What I like nowadays tho, is seeing people combine elements of everything and modernising it. And well. The idea of now just a sexy gypsy minus the traditional wear or showing an angelic gypsy instead of a death imitation before. Moving forward, I would like to see more of these. Next one on me, perhaps?
Gypsy girl nowadays seen here as a true fighter and saviour. An angel, a crying girl and a fighter with a sword.

How sexy. Let's all get tatted up, gypsy style. I know just the right people too. Drop me an email and I will connect you depending on your locations. ourgypsysouls@ourgypsysouls.com


  1. That fifth tattoo down looks like a post-op transvestite

    1. Sara Kelly ... well spotted and somewhat funny even though not necessarily politically correct haha maybe it was meant to look like that! haha