Tuesday, December 13, 2011


So it finally happened. A reunion well overdue. Of course there was the Dubai time and the surprise Moscow visit here and there, but London was truly supposed to be a momentous occasion for us both. We have lived here together for almost a year, went through so many adventures and have wound up broke and frustrated many times over hehe

Problem was : too little time. With only 32 hours to play with as Sophie got in to London from Dubai on a work trip, it was evident : we planned too much with no real significant time to actually do it.. grrrr

So there, few piccies, very few drinks, and not even enough time to meet Sophie's London pals either. How annoying. Great news : can't be the last time Sophie is coming down to London. Bad news: Angelina is off to her own little escapades in a bit : New York, she's coming.

Hello to the land of boring office parties and christmas do's.  We were laughing so hard as we ended up in Loop Bar briefly.

Oxford Street Christmas lights. Festive!

Laura Jaynne, Sophie Nedlous, Angelina Roz

Serious Primark stock up

Departing yet again. Sophie's next location : mais oui, Paris!!

Covent Garden - new home for Angelina Roz

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