Thursday, December 1, 2011


It has been quite some time ... we are sorry.
To be honest we have been having way too much time people. Honestly, from Moscow to Dubai, to Abu Dhabi to Germany, to a location that is way too good to even comprehend ... Seychelles. Wait for the blog.
Unfortunately we haven't always been able to be together ... what a shame.

Story goes : Angelina Roz plays a gig in London, due to fly to Moscow the next day, gets a phone call from her other half Sophie Nedlous and turns out : both are in Moscow! So the gig after party was actually in Moscow! Wow! How's that for your brain?

Here are some pics from the gig called 'Live & Livin it'.

The Rehearsals.
Camden bound for 2 days straight rehearsing with the band The Gypsters & Angelina Roz.

Au naturel look rehearsing

In the midst of playing a show & rehearsing I also moved out of West Kensington, London to Covent Garden! How do you fit your life into a suitcase? Blog coming up about it very very soon. We are the suitcase bitches!

Naz Adamson of The Gypsters

Mr Sam Ritchie of The Gypsters

Lil ol me Angelina Roz getting the sound right at RichMix, London
 The Show.
Angelina Roz & The Gypsters

Wompin it! Also promoting Sam & The Womp, Sam Ritchies'  band.
 The Afterparty.
Location : Moscow, Russia. 

Moscow gettin chilly... but still gorgeous.

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