Sunday, August 14, 2011


Welcome to Mos - rock! haha Welcome to Moscow, people! We are loving every minute of Our Gypsy Souls spending time together before Sophie goes off to Dubai and Angelina goes off elsewhere entirely. Watch this space! Until then, here are some of our fun piccies for you.
Much love.

Let's start off with some good old fashioned Vodka! Awooo!

Chistye Prydu, Moscow

Wide selection of dry fish and all sorts for yer Vodka afterchaser needs

Foggy in Moscow. Like a horror film.

Yakitoria in Moscow at 5am

Partied till he passed out in Sushi place

Full moon! Awooo again!

Our free cinema experience with Vodka, gherkins, marinated tomatoes. Yum.

Outside Shuka Party in the street, Our Gypsy Souls.

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