Tuesday, August 9, 2011


So the question on everyone's lips : when will the London Riots stop??? Honestly. Never seen nothing like this. The world is a negative enough place with real problems for this to be happening. Never been so quiet in my street in West London. Yesterday it was moving towards my way but went straight to Oxford Street and now reaching Shoreditch. Moving fast.

Cry for help? Just simple boredom? Protest against the system? At least state what you are protesting against. And the real problems isn't the vandalism or looting, it's the fires. Just stop. Do we really need this, London?

Good thing this gypsy is leaving tomorrow... insane.
What are your thoughts?

Vandalising Ladbrokes in Hackney

London is burning

Thought this Nando's picture was quiet funny. Where will these chavs eat now? haha

Thinking you're hard is so off the mark.

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