Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hello Gypsters!!

I flew cross country from the Northeast to the Northwest where it's not just opposite in direction, it's opposite in culture too. Makes sense? Read on.

I took a break from New York City's face-pace, hustle and bustle to the organic, laid-back nature of Seattle and Portland.  I was so impressed by the fact I was in Seattle which a tech city with a large population, yet it has so much green! The thoughtfulness in preserving it's nature is incredible. And Portland, what a adventurous city. Just like Amsterdam, bikers (as in bicycles) run this city, or rather, ride this city.  There are mountains, lakes, holes, and the Pacific beach.  This will definitely be one of the places I'll frequently gypsy.

At Jimmi Hendrix's, the ultimate scarf King, Memorial in Seattle. I'm rocking out.

Chalkboard door at Jupiter hotel in Portland. Fun!

Me and my traveling bud on top of the Space Needle in Seattle

The biggest, freshest tomatoes.

Don't go chasing waterfalls!

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