Monday, August 22, 2011


So this is Angelina Roz. I said good bye to Sophie Nedlous who went off to Dubai to continue her own gypsy adventure. I am also embarking on lots of exciting new journeys in the near future but for the next few days I have been spending some much needed quality time in Moscow, Russia.

Born in Moscow and having moved to London when only 10, I have been back and forth since to see my older sister but since my mama's passing last year this is the first time in years when it's the whole family together properly. Summertime in Moscow I will never forget.

Here are some true gypsy style Moscow fun ...

From one Russian table to the next. Yum.

Summertime. Childhood. Playground fun.

House I grew up in.

Cuppa with my Georgian food @ Genatsvale Restaurant. Plush.

My aunt's flat.

Barviha, just outside of Moscow. Tranquility.

Gogol has a similar nose to all our familys' haha

Yellow cabs in Moscow? Copycats.

My fam. Thinking of Mama. Always.


  1. Angelina you are so so pretty! Glad to see you are having amazing time over there. Waiting for Sophie's Dubai stories and pics.


  2. Russian potatoes. wow. am hungry.