Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So I guess bloggin is meant to be almost like your diary if you like?

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe it is simply about expressing your inner thoughts on every day life & art etc.. I still haven't made up my mind.

I have been in slight awol (absent without official leave) state, hidden in my own little sanctuary songwriting, painting, watching great international cinema of the yesteryear and basically, creating.
That is all one can ever do in this life is create. And I have a daily passion to do so. Whether it be a song, a painting or an opinion once learning something new...

This is a flavour of my last few days. How was your past few days, gypsters?

My vegan wrap with guacomole, hummus & salad with a nice cool Red Stripe = survival guide

My new painting
Fame or Glory
by Angelina Roz

I told you I was in love with my piano but this is now becoming a lusting addiction haha

La Dolce Vita with Marcello Masstroiani - such a classic!!

Fiona Apple has been a soundtrack to my many creations. Please bring out another album soon.

Actually threw on my own EP from 2008 - enjoyed it. and wat?

Faith No More did the BEST cover of Commodores' "Easy"

Mike Patton of Faith No More ... any day.
Just because.

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