Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Not all those who wander are lost. Travel is my drug of choice. 12 months, 12 new countries.

There are many 'travel addiction' quotes nowadays posted on the Internet, mostly from travel agents booming up the new trend for this generation. Indeed, the 'trend' of being on the road and always traveling to as many locations as possible seems to have taken over and celebrating New Year in Milan is no stranger than to being in Rio the next day getting ready to party at the carnival followed by an extensive Yoga Retreat in Goa.

For some people this is their way of  life. Certainly has been my life for a bit but not because my wallet is bigger than someone elses'. In fact there is always someone who goes that one extra mile than me: actually gets in to the a-list parties or drinks champagne in 1st class.

I prefer to call it simply this: you know you have reached true Gypsyville when your world is your oyster and you are not limited by non extended leg room or a plane ticket off points you accumulated over last year. You are in your own travel bubble when you travel because you want to discover our beautiful Earth. Not because you are running away, although being stuck in a dead end job may be another persons reason for not seeking adventure.You are not traveling to then show off your current beach location to a person who is stuck in a windy country.

A true traveler is someone who lives in a place with no space or time. Who throws two fingers at the visa system and miraculously finds themselves traveling on no budget at all with the most glamorous underwear on made of simple cotton that says the world is mine. Because I love to discover.

With no past or future in travel there is only the present. The journey. To your Gypsyville. 

And reaching your Gypsyville does not have to mean traveling at all, rather freeing the real you.

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  1. intrigued by the use of word gypsy ville. creates a nice fresh read. nice.

  2. How many countries have you been to this year already though?