Friday, June 12, 2015


Kim Tank in earrings by Top Shop and bikini by xhilaration

It blows with the wind in any direction. It’s fun. It adds life. It’s what stands out. It’s underrated. It’s the gypsy of style.

If you’re looking for a fun way to welcome the summer and add some fluidity and spice to your outfit, add a little fringe!

I recently fell back in love with fringe after seeing it on a pair of heels on the streets of New York. 

"Gypsy Queen" Taupe Suede at Lulu's

That’s correct, it’s not only for tops. It can be added to skirts, vests, bracelets, swimwear and the versatility does not stop there. Fringe has been reinvented throughout many cultures and eras. From Native Americans to cowboys, and flappers to hippies, fringe may not ever go out of style as long as you know how to work it.  The possibilities are endless and that is the mind of a gypsy.  

New York Fashion Week '15

Necklace on Maydae by Norwegian Wood

Nasty Gal top

And don’t be intimidated! Once you put on fringe, you will be and feel like the most fun and confident person in the room, at the park, or on your next trip!

Nasty Gal vegan leather dress

H&M fringe bag

Gypsy cool


  1. Leather dress... Dayum.

  2. Last pic looks like Rita Ora? Or no?