Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Hello Gypsters! Meet our Gypsy Dog, Mr. Fox, originally from Nebraska but raised in Brooklyn, NY.

In Italy, he's called Signore Volpe. In the UK, he is called Sir Fox. In Spain, he is called Senor Zorro!!!

Yes, this Fox has his EU passport! How do you get that? See here:

From the US to EU
1. Go to the vet 1-10 days before trip and get a check up.
2. Make sure the Rabies vaccination is older than 21 days and not more than a year
3. Get your health certificate from the vet and go to the USDA
4. Get that shit staaaamped!!!

EU to UK or EU
Get a passport...it's easier!
1. Have your rabies vaccination done (same, older than 21 days, no more than a year)
2. Tapeworm treatment 1-5 days before the trip (it's only a pill)
3. Health check up at the vet
4. Go to the ASL and have them make that damn passport!

You may not need a passport from your vet. It's possible a "third country certificate" is suffice, but to be safe, we recommend the passport,
A lot of vets don't know what they are doing. If they veer outside of the steps above, go to another one or just simply get the exam and go to the ASL (in Europe.)
Going to the UK will be difficult and costly. Pets more than likely have to be in cargo and that requires a lot of planning (ask us at holla@ourgypsysouls.com for more info.)
British Airways is horrible for pet travel, from our experience. We will let you know if this company gets any better.

Sincerely your travel know-it-alls,
Our Gypsy Souls

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