Tuesday, April 30, 2013



We have been busy shooting and starting to edit our lovely Our Gypsy Souls video travel segments entitled "Coming to Gypsy" straight from our Gypsy cab. Naturally.

Here are some lovely fresh shots for you to get you going ... The fun, the gypsyness, the greatness.

l-r- JIPSE, MR FOX, KIM TANK on set in Gypsy Cab in New York

Jipse and Kim Tank somewhere in LA. Caught.

Angelina 'Jipse' Roz and Kim Tank running late on set in LA

l-r Kim Tank, Mr Fox, Angelina 'Jipse' Roz popping champagne bottles

Hey Girl Hey!! - seeing some talent on streets of LA whilst filming 'Coming to Gypsy' 

The silliness in between shots! Mr Fox and Angelina 'Jipse' Roz

Angelina 'Jipse' Roz getting her nails did at Chi, Beverly Hills

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