Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Your girl Angelina 'Jipse' Roz has been to Mumbai & Pune in India as of recently.

Just another escapade? No, to say the least.

India is one of those colourful backdrop yet darker and hitting home problematic interiors with an uplifting Hindu note cutting through everything.

Intense? Yes. (that would be seeing houses made of cardboard and kids peeing on the streets).

Inspirational? Yes. (amazing music scene in Mumbai and that pivotal moment seeing Akala, Talvin Singh and Sean Kuti perform on one festival NH7).

Stylish? Yes, yes and most definitely yes. Where else can you pull off a sari on a motorbike?

We have arrived. Angelina 'Jipse' Roz and Lorianalytical. Mumbai.

Don't throw rubbish on the streets! Yet, it's everywhere.

Harem pants and long skirts (longer the better)

Bargains market shopping

Singer Jankee, TV Actor Nakuul Mehta, Jipse and UK rapper Akala at Mumbai Lit Fest after HipHopShakespeare performance

Spiritually enlightened at the temple

Ladies in saris on motorbikes. Would love to see them as drivers, not just passengers though

Lorianalytical does Sophie Loren hat glamour mixed with bright marine blue top and long flowy black skirt

NH7 arrival in Pune, India

With all the girlies at NH7 Festival, Pune

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