Monday, August 27, 2012


So Summer 2012 almost over. Almost. But not yet!

Last few days have been very sunny in London for Angelina, hot as ever in New York for Kim, and, as you can imagine crazy baking scorching in Dubai for Sophie.
Yet fashion wise we were all united in our Gypsy, NOT necessarily Bohemian gear. Gypsy cos it's more authentic and not pretentious.
So forget those flip flops - switch to chunky edgy boots and combine flowing skirts with rock tops and wife beaters.
You got it! Summer 2012. Still going on hopefully into an Indian Summer!

Our notes this season
For high street go to: Topshop Ragged Priest Range
For up scale go to: Emilio Pucci

Ragged Priest for Topshop

Emilio Pucci Spring/Summer 2012 

New York Street Style showcases simple clean flowing dress with chunky military style boots

Chillaxing. Or should that be Gypsylaxing.

Angelina Roz does London Town Gypsy Best

Wear those pop up shorts whilst you still got time before you have to wear  tights underneath

Lovebox festival madness. You can still get away with this, just change the flip flops for boots! Genius!

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