Thursday, July 5, 2012


What is a Modern Day Gypsy? I got asked this a 100 times in my latest interview with Ruth La Ferla of New York Times Fashion section. She was interested in current media's fascination with gypsy culture and fashion. I directed Ruth to our blog.

I understand the fascination with gypsy fashion and nomadic lifestyle. Simple. Because both are appealing.
However, I am not impressed by the misrepresentation Romani are getting in the media.

It is easy to think gypsies are like the 'My big fat Gypsy Wedding' travelers. I refuse to even comment on the matter. It's not who I am or what I would pin point as a 'gypsy'.

It is also easy to see modern day gypsies are just hipsters deriving from hippies in the 60's. It's not what this blog is about and we do not promote free love or substance abuse.

Fashion wise - it's sexy and comfortable. Lifestyle wise - it's carefree. It's being yourself. Expressing yourself. Slightly rebellious.

Our Gypsy Souls, Madrid
Photo by : Carlos Cortes

Madonna and Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello take gypsy influenced music to the masses

Sophia Loren portraying a young reckless gypsy  in this Italian  70's flick, a much inspiration for Angelina Roz (post about this coming soon)

'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' UK TV Show about travelers in UK&Ireland
Different to Romani people and been 'chavved' out to the max. 

High fashion shoot showing amodel styled as a carefree gypsy spirit

Gypsy perhaps toned down to fit the masses  and  more bohemian than gypsy  by one of the Olsens

Tattoos always been big on Gypsy tip. Why?  Here is my mother when she was 19 

Popstars revel in hippie/gypsy style. Lana Del Rey looks stunning

Nicole Scherzinger, whose roots include Russian, Hawaiian and Dutch shows gypsy style looks great  wherever you are from

Neon Hitch, UK artist on the rise does her best Lady Gaga-esque theatrical gypsy style

NY Gypsy Festival yearly dedicated to latest gypsy music and trends

Angelina Roz does rock gypsy in London
Photo by: Shira Shebi

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