Wednesday, June 13, 2012


So it's that time again... firstly for us to apologize for not posting anything on here at all sooner... sorry!
Been too busy traveling and basically just living it up!

Firstly ... MALIA 2012. Crete. You know it. We love it!
Here are some piccies! When are you going to join us there? Everyone else has! Literally!
Our friend Anna from Portugal and Kim from New York. It's become one of those surefire locations we all are sure to go to every year, never gets boring, gets better in fact. Sophie flew in from Dubai, Angelina from London. You know how we do.

Malia 2012 Posse. Just the first few days.

Vadim aka 'lord of the rings' and your russian gypsy princesses drunk

Gypster aka Quadster (quadbike) old town galavanting

Royal Hall pro tanning

Banana Club fun for Our Gypsy Souls

Candy Club is still THE best club in Malia, hands down #OurGypsySouls

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