Thursday, April 12, 2012


In a busy world of climbing up the ladder and everyone making their careers happen, one word springs to mind regarding fashion : comfort! Much of the same can be said of hair. No more days of lounging around trying to create that perfect blowout. There just isn't time. And hell, it has been proved by many hollywood starlets decades ago, there is just something extra sexy about neckline being visible to the eye. No more hiding it behind grungy hair either on your days off. Great to let your hair down, ladies but sometimes it's great to put it up!

This time around it's not your sleek up do like Audrey Hepburn or Sophia Loren used to sport, rather a sleek, fresh, young and urban twist on things. High bun, top knot, center twist, or simply put, as we call it 'kooka'. It's Kooky and it's deriving from some Russian slang, bit hard to explain, of some sort of a pile of nonsense. That's how it should be worn, sleek yet unfinished. No precision necessary needless to say it should be high and maybe even off center a bit. Works.

Fergie sports the sleekest of them all. Takes off 10 years.

Gwen's unique style and working mom up do

JLO goes for unfinished yet effortless sexy chic on the red carpet

Kim shows off her beautiful cheekbones

Rihanna proves classic can also be edgy by adding a blunt long sweepy fringe
Two-toned for a little funk

Yours truly Our Gypsy Souls in Paris

Angelina Roz & Sophie Nedlous do Rock & Romantic in one go

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