Thursday, March 29, 2012


Kat Von D. What do you know about her?

Yes, she is a worldwide known great tattoo artist deriving from Miami Ink TV Show and holding her own by building own empire along with books, make up line and appearances. What else is great? Her very own clothing line!

Having tweeted back and forth to each other in the past, whether it was to big up her perfume Saint or to give more props on her marker-like eyeliner (Kat had this for a while in her make up range, we see big names like Maybelline now having launched their own).

Our favourites from her collection? Easy : Empress Lace Dress & Napoleon Coat! Well worth the investments. Lace dress : reminiscent of vampire-like 18th century gypsy girl, a LBD classic (little black dress) to Napoleon Empire like jacket that goes with anything and everything.

Go get it all at

Lace empress dress. At over 100$ it ain't cheap but worth the investment for your classic LBD

Bell bottoms back in according to miss D

Leather leggins everywhere. Instantly sexy. Dress it up with high heels and a gypsy ruffle top! Yawza!

Floaty Gypsy dresses & Tattoos = yum

Even in her pastime Kat dresses up Gypsy Bandanas with her tattoos

Bohemian headband at an appearance

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