Monday, October 31, 2011


It's that time again, since it's getting a bit chilly here in London -  what better way to celebrate life than to go out and get absolutely mash up Gypsy Balkan style? It is widely accepted, since Vodka is like water to us!

Your Gypsters will be everywhere and anywhere these coming few months and well into New Year, so it may be hard to catch us, however there is an 
                       ANGELINA ROZ & THE GYPSTERS well awaited live date.
                                                              MORE INFO HERE
Angelina Roz live 18th November 2011 @RichMix, London
And if you feel like experiencing more Gypsy Madness, there is also a choice of these Gypsters Live ...
but only if you are in Europe. None of gypsy bands seem to visit London, what a shame! We need more events like these!
Throndheim, Norway 5th November

                                                                  Kocani Orkestrar
                                                       Paris, France 17th November
Live all the time (my personal dream)

Of course these famous gypsies are touring. Still. All the time. They have LOTS of European based tour dates in November, including Moscow & St Petersburg, travel out for a true gypsy experience or if you happen to be in New York for New Years' eve, like I may be, then gimme a shout and we will go have a Gypsy New Year to the soundtrack of Gogol Bordello LIVE! Wow! Excited already!

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