Saturday, October 22, 2011


Yes, your gypsters are in none other than Dubai! Lovin it! +40, sun, sea, parties, hot hot hot! Much more detail on our adventures coming up for you but for now enjoy these little flicks. If you are an Iphone user, come follow us on Instagram (Our Gypsy Souls).

Meridian Beach, Dubai

'Tis the life !

Krolik!! Glad to have met you, Mehdi! New friends!

@Chameleon, Dubai

Dubai Mall Scenery : Our Gypsy Souls

Dubai sees the strongest fog ever!

Who goes to Dubai and doesn't smoke a shisha?

Angelina Roz & DJ Wire at Sandance, Atlantis Palm

Our Gypsy Souls Forever !


  1. Hi,


    Your pics are very cool i like it, you don't have any dubai holidays story i wanna know abvout it, how was your experice in dubai. please tell us

    Thanks And Regards
    Anglina Eve

  2. Sophie now lives in Dubai, Angelina was visiting Sophie back in October for around 3 weeks. Dubai is one of those places that you never think you would feel comfortable in if you are from a Western society country but when you get out here - you're instantly welcomed into this alternate universe. Partying, cosmopolitan culture, great for business & pleasure, Dubai is an intense mix of heat, romance and networking. Great for Our Gypsy Souls = great for you! Best new club in town : Chameleon, best eaterie : Keif, best beach: Meredian, best party : Sandance.