Wednesday, August 3, 2011


So here is the story. All of it is actually quite weird. But it doesn't start in Malia, Crete. It starts in Leeds, UK.

On my way to Malia I read somewhere that Leeds is considered to be a hotspot since 1961 in all of England for most UFO sightings. I found that somewhat amusing since we went there twice earlier this year.

But that wasn't the story. When in Malia, Crete we saw something that could only have been a UFO. And a few times. A bright plate shaped object exuding very very bright light appeared in the sky, swinging for a few minutes and then disappearing. At first we thought it was a plane, but the light was so bright and non moving that it was clear it wasn't. When we told the locals, they thought we were mad, in fact everyone thought we had one too many drinks and saw things! haha

So we did our research. We found out there have been many many UFO sightings, especially in the Agious Nikolaos area, which is more or less Malia. It is somehow connected with the unexplicable blackouts/powercuts that took place. Remember? Also there are lots and lots of vampire myths/stories in and around Crete. How weird. Make what you will of it. If you don't believe us, google it.

There is something going on in Malia. Fact.

UFO is observed almost every year in the island of Crete

Village Alikampos (northen Hania) observed this UFO for many days

1975 sightings in the village of Varipetro (near Chania)

On the road to Georgioupoulis, next to Chania this creature has been carved into a rock. Scared yet?

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