Tuesday, July 19, 2011


It's so exciting to see so much Gypsy going on in the mainstream, underground and high fashion. Guess it is all I can do at the moment is lust after certain garments like these.... oh what a pity ... some day.

So firstly last year marked Hungarian Gypsy inspired fashion show, wish I was there. Just look at these yummy outfits, am ripping my hair out over how sexy they would look in my wardrobe. You know what though? Improvise! I do!!

Hungarian Gypsy Style Show in 2010 should have never stopped!

Then there were also some pictures I found from Elle website, awwww I wanna cry! 
Elle Photoshoot of Gypsy Fall Clothes! Wow! Love!

And of course there is always my personal weakness for Adidas when mixed with Gypsy. Something about it just works. It says: comfort, style and fashionable to me! Also add a touch of Rock! You get style a la Angelina Roz!
Cropped leather jacket by Jeremy Scott! Need this like that every day vital morning shower!

Perfect for a little traveller like me

Not by Jeremy Scott, unsure who by but looks comfy to lounge in. Bit chavvy, but isn't that the idea?  lol

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  1. I love black turtleneck and red gypsy skirt look! Its definitely a go for me! Thanks for this!