Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So Bohemeian style has been hugely popular over the last few seasons. Gypsy inspired accessories and hairstyles have been going for some time now. But to us Gypster style does not necessarily mean rough n rugged appearance or a high fashion glossy beachy appearance. It is about comfortable cool chic.

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Gwen Stefani lookin chic yet relaxed

Some would argue this is more hipster. We disagree.

Fergie's effortless femininity lies in paisley

Fergie does grunge meets gypsy meets sexy

JLO can look gorgeous paired down easily

JLO's red hot ensemble has a flamenco yet gypsy feel

Shakira Shakira goes out simple but sexy

Gypsy is IN. She says it all through her style & music.


  1. best look is fergie's gypsy top. i love her. thanks for posting this.

  2. shakira's dress! wow! where did you get this pic btw?