Tuesday, April 19, 2011


New York at its finest, reminds me of that pic I took back in London ... you all know.
So I was in New York. Gets better each time I go. I didn't really take too many pictures this time around and it was more friend than work pictures, sometimes I was just under too much of a Red Stripe influence... lol So here are some for your Gypsy Souls... or as I gave you a new name not too long ago: GYPSTERS (Questlove himself loved it, but not quoting him on that, oops 'I just did' (i love you really)).

East Village Art Expression

3L goes on

Angelina Roz, Marc De Jesus, Tim Wiilliam and ... unsure? in LES
Rooftop Blues & Reds
All Vegan Fest at Foodswings, Williamsburger haha

Central Park Sunshine
Last Day Williamsburg
Beautiful garage
wat? who took my idea? i am gypsy tshirts coming soon
Frozen Margaritas at San Loco

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