Friday, February 18, 2011


So another crazy night for us ladies... Where haven't we been? Who haven't we ran into?

This time around it was time for the great YoYo's of course (thanks to the lovely Leo Greenslade and all of the bar & door staff), Club Popozuda is a new all Brazilian Fest night at Favela Chic in Hoxton (thanks to James Hurrell, the founder of this night) and Jalouse (our 2nd home of course).

I think we passed through Movida too ... or did we? Bit of a blur to be honest.
Keep on partying even if it's cold outside!

Stay you. Stay different. Stay GYPSY.

Club Popozuda @ Hoxton = HOT

Angelina Roz & James Hurrell, founder of Club Popozuda

YoYo Kids never calm down

Running into lovely Dionne (establishing my ex friend is a weirdo, thanks Dionne haha)

Brazilian ZAYAZ (look it up)

...and another one... seriously look it up.

Mad at the good ol' olen'

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