Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Ok... well, almost Gypsy Cinema. We watched the funniest film 'Green Hornet', a thought does spring to mind what it would be like if there was a Gypsy Film Festival, which would mean a lot of Eastern European films and documentaries, perhaps a suggestion for the BFI?

Wish there was a more of a credible film we went to see to show you, but here we are drinking Vodka and Cream Soda (yes, it is a bit weird) in 3D glasses. After a few glasses, 'Green Hornet' never looked sexier : )

Yes we are in the cinema

Cream Soda and Vodka. Yes.

Who cares about The Green Hornet when there is Vodka and 3D glasses?

We finish off by a VERY intense game of Pool

And btw - we don't drink that much anymore. It's official.


  1. u girls are insane.

  2. so what gypsy films would you recommend?